Thursday, October 4, 2012

We serve an amazing God

We serve an amazing God and we are very grateful that the bills we were past due on are now all caught up, plus we have our ticket money in hand. 

As always a new month brings a new months worth of bills. 
So we just need donations to cover our current monthly living expenses, 
          rent, utilities, food, petrol etc.

In addition to our monthly living expense we also have two other special financial requests.
Set up when we get there - $2000 (STILL NEEDED)
In 2007 we sold almost all of our household possessions in order to be able to stay in Kenya until Ross' adoption was completed.  We house sat for several different furloughing missionaries during that time.  When we go back we will need to buy beds, appliances, and other furniture. We think we can get everything we need for around $2000.

Hope to take it with us - $1500 ($1375 Still Needed)
If we aren't able to get these things we will still go on back. Everything listed above is pretty much on the must have list. The following things are on the "wish list." Things that will help us in our ministry, with our daily lives and in homeschooling Ross.  A ball park figure is about $1500.  I am working on a list and here are some general ideas about what we would like to take back with us.
Ross' Homeschool Supplies-$300
Sunday School Supplies for EVC, crayons, ink, printer etc. - $300 
         (SS School Supplies-the Ink is the only thing we still need-$175)
Solar battery charges, rechargeable batteries, and other "camping" things - $500
Vitamins and some other medicines that are costly in Kenya - $200

 We are grateful for any help that you can give. No gift is too small, or too large, LOL!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and 
May the Lord bless you richly today!
Alan, Leah and Ross