Friday, February 12, 2010

February-Financial Prayer Requests

1) 50 People-We are praying for God to lead 50 people to join our financial support team. Our average monthly income for 2009 was $1300 per month. It is a struggle to live on that amount and to stretch it far enough to be able to participate in ministry is really difficult.(We have 8 who contribute monthly, need 42 more)
2) February Bills - Rent $245 (Paid), Electric $79(Paid), Cooking Gas-$43, Internet-$50 (Paid), Phone-$40, Food-$600(1/2 Paid), Bus Fare-personal-$80 (1/2 Paid), Bus Fare-Ministry-$80(1/2 Paid), Benevolence Food Pantry-$150(1/2 Paid) Printing Costs for Sunday School Materials-$130 (1/2 Paid) (Still needed as of  Feb. 15th-$603).
3)  Trip to Isiolo- We are planning a trip to Isiolo and beyond and we need the funds to take the bus to get there and for lodging.  It will probably be about a 1 week trip and we need about $730 for the four of us. (Round trip bus ticket to Isiolo $19 per person. Lodging per day, per person-$7. Food per day, per person, $11. Car Hire to New Church Plants-$30 per location (5 locations). (Total needed $730)
4) Loan-We are praying for God to help us pay off a personal loan from a friend ($900) (Paid $150 on this-PTL) (Still Needed-$750)
5) Adoption costs-We are praying for God to provide the remaining fees on our adoption and Ross' Visa (Approximate costs-$1300) 
6) Airline Tickets-We are praying for God to provide airline tickets back to the US. (We may be able to use your airmiles, if you want to donate airmiles) (Approximate cost about $8000)
7) Automobile-We will need an automobile while we are in the US. Since we will be doing extensive traveling to speak at churches, we need some thing large enough to carry our luggage, yet good gas mileage.
8) To Donate to our Ministry, Please follow this link