Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do you have a chicken to sell?

This post has been updated. Some items have been covered. PRAISE THE LORD!
Many times in Africa we have seen churches selling items that have been donated to them.  People who don't have money for the offering might bring a head of cabbage, a kilo of beans or what gets really exciting is a couple of live chickens.

We are so close to being able to go back to Kenya and yet so far.  Therefore we are asking you, "Do you have a chicken you could sell?"  Well, I am pretty sure most of you do not have a chicken you could sell but the point is this.  Maybe you don't have any money that you could donate to us to help us get back to Kenya, but do you have something you could sell so that you could make a donation to help us get back?

Here are some of the needs that we currently have, before we can go back.

Past Due and Current Living Expenses - $2465 (PAID-PTL)
May, June, July and August Rent - $1800 
July Utilities - $235  
August Car Insurance - $125
August Utilities - $305 

Traveling Money Needed - $370 (PAID-PTL)
Total Needed $5800
Total in Hand $5430
Still Needed     $370
Set up when we get there - $2000 (STILL NEEDED)
In 2007 we sold almost all of our household possessions in order to be able to stay in Kenya until Ross' adoption was completed.  We house sat for several different furloughing missionaries during that time.  When we go back we will need to buy beds, appliances, and other furniture. We think we can get everything we need for around $2000.

Past Due and Current Living Expenses - $2465 (PAID-PTL)
Traveling Expenses - $370 (PAID-PTL)

Setup Cost - $2000 (STILL NEEDED)
Total of what we NEED to raise  = $4835

Hope to take it with us - $1500 ($1375 Still Needed)
If we aren't able to get these things we will still go on back. Everything listed above is pretty much on the must have list. The following things are on the "wish list." Things that will help us in our ministry, with our daily lives and in homeschooling Ross.  A ball park figure is about $1500.  I am working on a list and here are some general ideas about what we would like to take back with us.
Ross' Homeschool Supplies-$300
Sunday School Supplies for EVC, crayons, ink, printer etc. - $300 
         (SS School Supplies-the Ink is the only thing we still need-$175)
Solar battery charges, rechargeable batteries, and other "camping" things - $500
Vitamins and some other medicines that are costly in Kenya - $200

 We are grateful for any help that you can give. No gift is too small, or too large, LOL!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and 
May the Lord bless you richly today!
Alan, Leah and Ross