Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pray for God's Provision of These Needs

1) Project Needs ($300)
     a) Solar cooking supplies ($75)
     b) Transportation to project sites ($75)
     c) Basket cooking supplies ($75)
     d) Tree planting supplies ($75)

2) Fleming Family Personal Needs ($600)
     a) Food & Household Supplies ($400)
     b) Cooking Gas ($40)
     c) Phone Expenses ($50)
     d) Internet Expenses ($60)
     e) Transportation ($50)

3) Tickets to the US ($6,900) ($2143 donated so far) 
        FREQUENT FLYER MILES can also be donated.

4) Items needed when we arrive in US. 
     a) Housing
     b) Car
     c) Furniture, if housing is not furnished

Thank you for your help. 
All donations designated for airline tickets will go into savings for airline tickets.  All donations that are not designated will pay for ministry and personal needs and any surplus will go in the savings for airline tickets. 

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Come Alongside
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