Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Kenya, We hope

Thank you to each of you that have helped us keep our ministry going.

We hope to return to Kenya in March.

There are many financial needs to accomplish this goal. And we are still praying for God to raise up more monthly supporteres. Once we get back to Kenya we will need to have a steady income for bills and ministry.

1) Monthly Bills ($1625)
2) Wedding Expenses ($525)
3) Dentist ($1000)
4) Airline Tickets ($4500)
5) Immigration Fees-($300)

Monthly Bills ($1625)
Electric-$350 (heating mostly)
Car Insurance-$130

Wedding Expenses ($525)
Food for reception-$150

Dentist ($1000)
Leah needs to have several teeth fixed. Some have broken and
others have cavities. About $1000

Airline Tickets-($4500)
Four tickets to Kenya at $1500 each

Immigration Fees ($300)
Our work permit has expired since we have been gone so we will have to enter
the country on tourist visas. The new work permits will be about $100 and then
we have to purchase an insurance bond which will be another $100.